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harles the Clown in California
Charles The Clown / Charles The Magician

Hilarious birthday party shows!

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A true childrens comedian --  Billboard Magazine

Charles the Clown in California Charles the Clown in California

Charles is a master children's entertainer

--  Catherine Cella, author of Great Videos for Kids: A Parent's Guide to Choosing the Best 

Charles has performed hundreds of Silicon Valley shows -- at parties, in child care settings, schools, camps, and over 150 local library appearances.  Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Cupertino, Oakland, San Jose, San Francisco, Berkeley and Mountain View, Alameda County ...

Charles becomes a clown in front of the kids
 (a very silly show!)

Charles really understands how young children think, what they find funny and what they find scary.  The gradual adding of the clown makeup is a great idea.  Charles is a pro.  Wed love to have him back. -- Dennis Finnegan, Childrens Librarian Union City Library

We saw Charles the Clown at the Mountain View Library last month.  My kids never laughed so hard!  He put his make-up on in front of the kids.  My daughter was scared of the last clown she saw, but not of Charles!  Puppets were cute too!   Danielle E. San Francisco

The Clown Show

Charles begins the program as an ordinary, everyday man (except for the red pants and colorful shirt). After discussing costumes with the children, he starts to become a clown.  Everything gets mixed-up! He loses track of the powder puff. It ends up resting on top of his head. The kids try to tell him where it is, but Charles can't seem to find it. The jacket goes on backwards, the talking wig pretends to be a beard!  Eventually, with suggestions from the children, Charles manages to get the costume on correctly

This doggie thinks you find out a person’s age by counting teeth! Charles makes a giant balloon animal (swan, dinosaur, rocking horse, dog). He adjusts each show to fit the needs of the audience, and adds comedy, puppet routines, magic tricks, stories and more to make the show just right for your audience.

This is a very interactive program, children are a part of the action.  After the performance, Charles and Biscuit The Dog Puppet make balloon animals and chat with the children.  Older kids (8 and up), learn how to twist their own balloons.

Comedy Magic Shows

Performed to the untiring appreciation of his audience.
- Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Charles is a true sleight-of-hand magician. No trick boxes, just pure misdirection and showmanship. Lots of opportunity for audience members to come up and assist.  Charles is funny and unique. A typical routine finds him presenting an escape trick, endless appearing and disappearing effects, and amazing rope illusions. Most magicians are locked into memorized routines.  Not Charles!  Once he gets a sense of what the kids will enjoy most, he adds more mystery, more comedy, more audience participation.  After the show, Charles offers a short magic workshop  for kids 9 and up, teaching a trick or two they can perform at home. 

About Charles

Charles has performed at thousands of parties.

Charles and his wife, Linda Kirschner Kraus, M.A., psychologist and early childhood specialist, are the authors of the classic, 300 page, Charles the Clown's Guide To Children's Parties, still available in more than 400 libraries coast to coast.  Excerpts from the book about planning creative, memorable, and developmentally appropriate parties can be found here.  

Charles and Linda have given party advice on many radio and television programs -- from Oprah's first television series in Baltimore to recent KIRO radio interviews in Seattle.  They've been profiled by numerous publications including Parents Magazine and the Los Angeles Times. 

As the Kraft Foods Children's Party Expert, Charles appeared on more than a dozen radio and TV shows offering helpful party tips.

Because he is familiar with child development, Charles knows how to capture the attention of children of all ages.  His experience and talent help shy children get comfortable and highly energetic kids focus in.  Everyone enjoys the performance.   And the grownups enjoy watching the kids love the show.

“Your show is funny, enthralling, educational, and so appropriate for all ages. Your timing is perfect – the repetition and physical humor engaged even the youngest members, and got big guffaws from their parents! Even our most timid audience members loved watching you become a clown!”
- Laurie Peck, Children’s Librarian, Mountain View Public Library, CA

"Just a brief note to thank you for your fantastic performance at Kelly’s birthday party this weekend. I have truly never seen her happier nor such a group of three year olds so enrapt by anyone for such a long span of time. My daughter now wants to be “Charles The Clown” for Halloween and continually asks me when you are going to visit her again."
- Bonnie T., Los Angeles

"Dear Charles, Many thanks for the performance. While all the children enjoyed it, I want to tell you that Hannah, who was the phobic one, told her mom that she might ask you to her birthday party."
- Janie Lou Hirsch, Director, Westland School, Los Angeles

"Can a bunch of giggling preschoolers really tell if a clown is great? You bet they can. Just by their gleeful laughter. And we adults get a double treat — an enjoyable show plus witnessing the joy of our own and other children involved and elated at a show that is geared to their developmental stage."
- Enid R, Parent, Los Angeles

“Thank you for such a memorable visit to our school. We (teachers and children) appreciate your natural talent, thoughtful approach, and engaging manner – a delightful experience of transformation.”
- Lena Boot, preschool teacher, Children’s Center of the Stanford Community, Stanford, CA

“No wonder you're appearing everywhere this summer.. our children's room was packed with close to 300 children and parents ... I was warned by my staff about the parents who could be less attentive than their youngsters, but your entertaining program kept everyone captivated throughout.”
- S. Park, Children’s Librarian, Los Angeles Public Library

"I can’t thank you enough for all the laughs and smiles you brought to our school. You are an amazing actor and so wonderful with the children."
- Director Ani, Los Angeles Family School

Children’s comments after watching a Charles The Clown show – reported by Jill Giorgetti, Palo Alto Children’s Library:
“He was so funny my stomach hurt …”
“I’m not afraid of clowns anymore.”

  Kids enjoying Charles' performances  
Charles the Clown in California Neil Public Library, Idaho   Beacon Hill LIbrary, Seattle Charles the Clown in California

Please enjoy these Youtube videos of Charles with his audiences:
Charles' Show Begins    
Charles and Biscuit

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