he Autobiographies of the Worlds Three Smartest Puppets
Bones The Dog
Let me see .. let me see - I'm supposed to tell you something about myself. My mom was a chicken, my dad was a Siamese cat and I'm - no, that's not right. My mother was a bagel, I mean, a beagle, and my father was a noodle - no, I mean, a poodle. I was born and raised in Tennessee, under a spaghetti tree, moved to Seattle when I won a spelling bee, met Charles The Clown, and he hired me. That was in 1923 - no, no -. That was a while ago, back when there was a lot of snow. Now I'm part of Charles' show.
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I also spend time writing lots of poetry, would you like to
read some of my poetry?

Every night before I go to bed, I like to read a good book.

Horacio The Monkey Puppet
I'm from Fostoria, Ohio. Went to the High School of performing Monkey's, graduating first in my tree. Later I attended Emerson University, where I liked everyone, except one of my professors who threatened to make a monkey out of me. My hobbies are, painting bananas, juggling bananas, cooking bananas (I love making banana pot pie), and singing bananas (it is difficult to sing bananas, so sometimes, I have to sing potato salad). Charles and I began working together when he was a boy and I was a toy. That was many years ago. Now, he is a clown, and I stay out of the trees and stick to the ground.
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Here I am, ready to email some kids.

Biscuit The Dog Puppet
When I was a little pup, I wanted to grow up and be in the circus. Or in the forest. Or in the army. I wanted to be in something, so I went into the dog house. After a while, I thought, wouldn't it be nice to be in a show. Just then, Charles The Clown called me on my smell phone. He asked if I wanted to be in HIS show. I said that would be OK, if he'd feed me every day. So Charles taught me how to bow, and how to bow wow, and how to sing, tell stories, do magic tricks, and chase after sticks. I'm five years old, and have been five for over fifteen years. Also, I have two ears.
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I love making fresh salads. Yum!