elping To Keep Kids Busy

All of us are coping with Covid-19. Charles The Clown has an idea, a small additional way to keep children occupied during this time when their outside activities are limited. It will keep Charles occupied, too. He's offering free video chats for kids age 4 - 7.

Alice, sister Lila and their Mom talking with Charles The Clown and Biscuit.

Lots of children are home now, busy with school work, watching screens, and playing computer games. Some kids might like to add a live, interactive video chat with Charles The Clown and Biscuit The Dog Puppet, Charles knows how to engage children, get them talking, laughing, and asking questions as he tells a silly joke or funny story.

Alice, Lila, and their Mom showing Charles and Biscuit a silly hand game.

The calls are going to be short — five minutes or so. Some longer, some only a quick hello. As always, Charles will take his cues from the children.

Please pass along this information to friends with kids aged 4-7. They can contact us to set a FaceTime or Zoom appointment for a Charles The Clown video chat. Perhaps a child wants to show Charles some art work she’s been creating, or tell Biscuit about her pets. Verbal interaction — the kind of communication that is lacking while playing video games or watching a pre-recorded show.

Your suggestions and thoughts about this project are welcome. For additional information or to schedule a Charles-Chat: ctmagician@gmail.com

For more information about Charles:charlestheclown.com/aboutcharles

Charles’ ability to capture and hold the attention of his young audiences is unprecedented in my experience. — Catherine Picha, CTRS, Recreation Therapy, Children’s Hospital & Medical Center, Seattle

Charles really understands how young children think, what they find funny and what they find scary. – Dennis Finnegan, Children’s Librarian, Union City Library, Union City, CA

Charles is the recipient of a King County Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Humanitarian Award for Community Service