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Children enjoying Charles' award winning performance,
produced by A&M Records, recorded live on the
Charlie Chaplin Sound Stage in Hollywood.
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Wow!! Where did you find him?!! Was the response we kept getting from parents of children who attended Connor's 5th birthday party … your style, your stage presence, your professionalism, and your way of engaging the children have impressed all the parents and captured the hearts of all the children at the party - Juli, Parent, Redmond,WA


Charles puts the kids completely at ease, gains their trust, and gets them ready to laugh out loud during the rest of the show ... Seeing the children laugh reminded me of watching the audience at a movie theater enjoying great comedy, or an audience watching a brilliant standup comedian ... At the end of each line, the kids erupted with laughter ... The most touching part for me was when, just before the show ended, my son said, "this is the best day ever." What more could you want for your kid on his or her birthday? — Josh L. Los Angeles

Had him for our kids Easter Party and 25 kids were laughing non stop for 45 minutes. My kids want him back next year. 5 star all the way. — Chris N., Kirkland, WA

Charles managed to captivate 22 children, ages 2 to 11, for over an hour at our children's party. The children were giggling through the entire thing. The parents raved about him. He has a very calming and lovable presence about him. Highly recommended! — Diana J. Elgin, IL

Charles is so amazing! He saved me! When I got to know that there will be 50+ kids in the party, I couldn't sleep for almost the whole night! I don't know what to do. Then I remember the ad I saw on the magazine, so I called them. Your office assistant, Linda, is wonderful! She is patient, warm and kind. She explained and discussed with me the details about what Charles will do. Charles did a great job in our party! He entertained the kids so much that they all love him! I could hear laughing all the time from his group. He is very gentle, nice and funny for kids. I thank Charles and Linda so much that I will definitely call for their help next time! Thank you!  — Lydia L. Redmond, WA

We saw Charles the Clown at the Mountain View Library last month. My kids never laughed so hard! He put his make-up on in front of the kids. My daughter was scared of the last clown she saw, but not of Charles! Puppets were cute too!.
— Danielle E. San Francisco


Birthday Party Shows

Children's Party Entertainers - Clowns - Magicians - Charles the Clown Charles begins the program as an ordinary, everyday man (except for the red pants and colorful shirt). After discussing costumes with the children, he starts to become a clown. Everything gets mixed-up! He loses track of the powder puff which ends up resting on top of his head. The kids try to tell him where it is, but he can't seem to find it. The jacket goes on backwards, he thinks the wig is a beard ... but eventually, Charles manages to get the costume on correctly. Biscuit The Dog Puppet drops by during birthday show parties to congratulate the birthday person, and to try to guess the child's age. He thinks you do this by counting teeth! With the birthday person's assistance, Charles makes a giant balloon animal (dog, swan, and dinosaur). Charles adjusts each show to fit the needs of the audience. He adds comedy, puppet routines, magic tricks, stories and more, to make the show just right for your guests.

Children's Party Entertainers - Clowns - Magicians - Charles the Clown This is a very interactive kid's entertainer program, filled with opportunities for kids to be a part of the action. After the performance, Charles and Biscuit The Dog Puppet hold "informal" time, making balloon animals and talking with the children. For the older kids, Charles holds a mini balloon workshop, showing them how to make their very own animals.

Library Performances

Friendly Party Entertainment for Children

Charles’ show is funny, enthralling, educational, and so appropriate for all ages.  His timing is perfect - the repetition and physical humor engaged even the youngest audience members, and got big guffaws from their parents!  Even our most timid audience members loved watching Charles become a clown.  -- Laurie Peck, Children’s Librarian, Mountain View Public Library, CA

He met the children at their level without talking down to them ... appealed to the very young with his gentle physical humor and to the older set with the constant word plays ... one 9-year-old with Asperger's laughed hysterically during the show and his Mom said he talked about it for days afterword ... I like Charles' professional manner: he returned my call, arrived early, was flexible about where he performed and had a polished performance that was gentle and kind and very age appropriate -- Joan Smith, Woodstock Library, Portland, OR

I want to thank you so much for the wonderful program you shared at the Mercer Island Library last month! I'm still getting compliments from patrons that I want to pass on to you. I was so impressed with the rhymes you used with everything you did. I hope it will inspire the kids to make up some rhymes of their own. Thanks again for coming!- Margaret Martin, Children's Librarian, Mercer Island Library, WA

Charles' use of rhyme was great (and an important pre-reading skill). He incorporated books, libraries and reading and kept the audience of children and parents laughing with his right on target humor. -- Linda Allen & Janice Buchanan, Mt. Vernon City Library, WA

The words I heard buzzing around the library for several days from staff and patrons were "hilarious" "laugh out loud funny," "entertaining," and "he was perfect for the age level of the children." I wanted to thank you again for your professional and polished performance. The children enjoyed your humor and antics. Their parents appreciated your positive approach of applying clown make-up and clothing in front of the children so they would know who was underneath the disguise. - Lisa Anderson, Children's Librarian, Burlington Public Library, Burlington, WA

I have heard nothing but raves from every branch you've visited. Even one of our more discriminating librarians was absolutely enchanted. - Laurie Willhalm, Children's Outreach & Program Librarian, Oakland Public Library System

Using books right off the branch shelves, Charles' reading programs highlight the joys and usefulness of books and the library in a hilarious comedy performance. Children's Party Entertainers - Clowns - Magicians - Charles the Clown Lots of opportunities for the audience to interact. He performs current library themes, writing new shows to meet the needs of the libraries. Each summer he tours with several original programs, visiting libraries in different systems. Shows generally run about 40 minutes.

Show description:
All of Charles' shows are formatted to fit library themes. Charles uses clown and costume books right off the branch shelves as guides while he attempts to transform himself into a clown. In this hilarious routine, everything gets 'mixed-up.' He gets tangled in his suspenders, the powder puff is on his head and he can't find it (until the kids tell him where it is), the costume is inside out, the wig gives a speech before Charles gets it in place ' The show, staring Charles, Biscuit the Dog Puppet, the kids in the audience, and the library, is performed entirely in the funniest comic rhyme since the days of Ogden Nash.

Children's Party Entertainers - Clowns - Magicians - Charles the Clown Children's Party Entertainers - Clowns - Magicians - Charles the Clown

Length: 45 minutes
Space: indoors or out
Availability: mornings, afternoons, evenings -- all year
Audience age recommendation: preschool, elementary school and families

Hospital Shows

Children's Party Entertainers - Clowns - Magicians - Charles the Clown It was so exciting to see the children light up with happiness as you entertained with your magic tricks and rhymes … Isn't that what you are all about ... bringing smiles to sick children? I also appreciate the professionalism that you and your support staff exhibited throughout the planning and organization of this event. It is so good to work with people who understand the unique needs of children in the hospital. -Doug Leffin, CCLS, Child Life Specialist, Huntington Memorial Hospital, Pasadena, CA

On Tuesday of this week my daughter attended your show at Children's Hospital. After five difficult nights in the hospital it was wonderful to hear her laugh over and over again during your show. Thank you so much for taking the time to entertain sick children. It was such a delightful distraction for both daughter and daddy and I'm convinced it helped her heal faster.-David V., Seattle
Charles' ability to capture and hold the attention of his young audiences is unprecedented in my experience.
-Catherine Picha, CTRS, Recreation Therapy, Children's Hospital & Medical Center, Seattle

In his capacity as a hospital performer, Charles was profiled on "The Change Machine," which aired on all KidStar radio stations.

Pre Schools

Children's Party Entertainers - Clowns - Magicians - Charles the Clown I am delighted to be able to introduce Charles The Clown to parents and fellow educators. At last, a magician and clown who is charming, intuitive, wholesome, sweet and non-threatening to the most timid child. Charles is a class act and a very special clown. He has the children captivated and in stitches. - Bridgit Smith, Director, Paddington House School, Seattle

Thank you for such a memorable visit to our school. We (teachers and children) appreciate your natural talent, thoughtful approach, and engaging manner -- a delightful experience of transformation. - Lena Boot, preschool teacher, Children's Center of the Stanford Community, Stanford, CA.

I was specifically impressed by Charles' communication with the children. He maintained their attention, while engaging with them, he allowed them the chance to speak, while maintaining absolute control of the show. Masterfully done! The balloon jokes had our kids in stitches! Come back to Berlin! - Michael Jones, Principal, Be Smart Academy, Berlin, Germany

Thank you so much for coming to our preschool to entertain the children. You were absolutely amazing! The adults enjoyed your performance as much as, if not more than, the children! - Lynne Goldsmith, Director, BTD Community School, Baltimore, MD.

Children's Party Entertainers - Clowns - Magicians - Charles the Clown

Elementary Schools

We have been overwhelmed with the response from the students and parents who attended the event .. your performances were exactly what we had hoped for and were thoroughly enjoyed by everyone ... We would be happy to be a reference for you at any time and feel very lucky to have had you perform. - Echo Lake Elementary PTA, Shoreline, WA.

Children's Party Entertainers - Clowns - Magicians - Charles the Clown Charles has that rare ability to truly reach the concerns of children and not merely make them laugh at silly pranks. I see many children's performers who are full of razzle-dazzle, yet are totally out of touch with the needs of children. Charles speaks the language of children, he manages to be quite entertaining while offering something more than flash and gimmicks. He is a warm, kind, funny human being, and these qualities transcend into his performance. After seeing Charles The Clown, children will have learned a subtle little lesson about becoming kinder, more considerate people. - Founding Director, Children's Playce Museum, North Hollywood, CA.

We wish to thank you for being such an important part of our alcohol/drug prevention programs for Mariposa's young students. Our feedback is that you were hilariously funny and that the teachers and principals as well as the children found your performances fascinating and had a great time. We hope that you will participate with us again next year. - Cathleen McNamara, Kings View Alcohol and Drug Services for Mariposa County, CA.

Children's Party Entertainers - Clowns - Magicians - Charles the Clown
Clown shows, magic shows .... comedy shows ... each designed to fit your program and educational needs. Whether you are after individual classroom presentations [for example, Charles presented his self esteem/drug abuse prevention program to all K-3 classes in the Yosemite School District], an assembly show [just for fun, or perhaps one of his shows celebrating reading or friendship], a PTA event that entertains children and parents [with lots of audience participation ... not just from kids ... not just from parents ... but from entire families!] ' Charles is able to present a show that will hold the attention of the entire audience ... and while he's got their attention ... he'll give them a wonderful program.

Children's Party Entertainers - Clowns - Magicians - Charles the Clown Charles The Clown fascinated and delighted the K-3rd grade children with his zany patter, balloon tricks, and his little puppet Bones The Dog, while he alternated this entertainment with serious messages that reinforced the children's understanding of the importance of saying "No" to cigarettes, alcohol and drugs... He did 14 presentations of 30 minutes each, and in addition, he gave 15 minute talks to the upper grades on the subject of being a clown as a profession, at the request of the principals of two schools... his style is hilariously funny and perfectly timed, and the children loved it.  When he makes a serious point, he is clear and direct...
- Mariposa Guide, Mariposa California

Children's Party Entertainers - Clowns - Magicians - Charles the Clown

Charles The Magician -- Teen Show/Workshop

Charles is fast, funny, and flexible ' three essentials when working with teens. Because he is a sleight-of-hand expert, there are no trick boxes or marked decks.

The first thing Charles does is to earn the respect and attention of his audience by making coins, cards, pens and other small items, vanish, appear, change color, change place ' all this set to his opening patter.

"When I was a kid ... I'm talking 5 or 6 years old ... my dad bought me a magic trick set."
He tells the story of how he became a magician, and why learning the art helped him in school.

"This is the plan .. I'm going to show you some great tricks ... and, if you are interested, I'm going to teach you some great tricks. By the time you leave here, I'm going to reveal the secret of memorizing just about anything. Instantly!"

Charles has performed thousands of shows. In a 2005 story about Charles' performance for immigrant teenagers at a low income housing development, the Seattle Post Intelligencer said, he kept his audience enthralled.

Every audience is different, so Charles adjusts his show to fit each group. If people want to help, he finds something important for everyone to do. If they want funny stories about Charles' career, or just want to watch an amazing assortment of tricks, Charles responds accordingly.

As he demonstrates for the audience, anyone can learn to remember a long list of items, concepts, numbers, or names. After Charles demonstrates, he shows just how quickly the skills can be acquired by getting kids in the audience to remember a list.

This is more than a performance. It is an opportunity for teens to find out they have lots of abilities inside their own minds - just waiting to be discovered.

I really enjoyed the seamless blend of magic intertwined with the memory tips and instruction. Two-thirds of the books on display were checked out after the presentation. - Mie-Mie Wu, Librarian, King County Library System, WA

Carolina Huete Lehman, MFT, Psychotherapist in private practice in Glendale, California, said the following:
Charles connected with the adolescents in my group in a very meaningful way. The kids were excited and amazed.

Charles' new book, The Teen Magician ...That's You! is a comprehensive guide that helps kids aged 10 - 18 turn their magic hobby into a real business.

Virtual Shows

Since the start of social distancing, Charles has provided video chats and shows for families and schools. Kids assist, from a distance, talk with Biscuit The Dog Puppet, help select balloons that Charles uses to create a giant balloon animal ... and low and behold ... with a little bit of magic, the balloon animal instantly appears right in the child's living room!

Children's Party Entertainers - Clowns - Magicians - Charles the Clown   

Virtual Show Video

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